Israeli forces raided a currency exchange shop today, in Bethlehem, where they confiscated surveillance cameras, according to a security source. Late last night, Israeli ‘price tag’ vandals slashed the tires of nine cars and a lorry just north of Jerusalem, in the town of Beit Hanina.
At dawn, forces stormed the exchange shop located on Nativity Street, in Bethlehem, blowing up its door and thoroughly ransacking it before confiscating surveillance cameras.

WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency reports that, as part of the large-scale ‘search’ operations to allegedly find the three missing settlers for what is now the eleventh consecutive day, Israeli forces have raided several West Bank cities, village and towns, with a focus on Hebron governorates.

Over 500 Palestinians have been detained, including 11 parliamentarians, and members of targeted charities, universities and media outlets.

Israeli forces have killed several Palestinians during the campaign, including two men who were shot dead on Sunday.

In nearby Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, surveillance cameras have revealed that three individuals from a nearby settlement slashed the tires of 9 Palestinian-owned cars and a lorry, in addition to spraying racist anti-Arab graffiti in the area.

The group has conducted dozens of similar attacks during the past two years.

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