The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society said, Tuesday, that prisoner Raed Faisal Fares Moussa is still engaged in an open-ended hunger strike, in protest of Israel’s administrative detention policies against him.Last week, some 125 Palestinian prisoners ended a two-month hunger strike, with lawyers reporting that prisoners had reached a deal with the Israeli Prison Service.

Sivan Weizman, spokesperson for IPS, told Ma’an News Agency that no recent hunger strikers had reached any deal with Israeli authorities.

Weizman said, Monday, that one remaining prisoner had been refusing meals for a month, but would not identify who it was.

Raed Moussa, age 33, has been refusing his meals for 42 days, now, his blood pressure and blood sugar unstable and he is, furthermore, unable to stand.

Moussa has been detained several times, according to Ma’an, spending a total of seven years of his life confined to Israeli jails.

Prisoner Ayman Tbeish suspended his hunger strike yesterday, after 122 days, according to a lawyer for the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society.

On the same day, Israeli authorities placed 24 Palestinian prisoners under Administrative Detention orders.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC), the number of Administrative Detainees has now been elevated by 167, since the start of the military campaign in search of three missing settlers, bringing the overall number of Palestinians placed under AD orders to 364.

Around 5,700 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli prisons.

Under the policy, prisoners can be held indefinitely, without charge or trial, and often face harsh conditions, including solitary confinement. Hunger strikers now potentially face force-feeding, as a response to their protest.

Following a 2012 agreement, 2,000 Palestinian prisoners ended their hunger strike on a promise from Israel to ease up on the policy, to end solitary confinement, to improve prisoner living conditions, provide proper medical care for them and to increase family visits.

The Israeli state has, so far, failed to live up to its agreements.

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