Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Hamas of being responsible for the abduction and killing of the three Israeli settlers, adding that Hamas will pay the price, and will keep paying the price, and that the Israeli offensive could be expanded if needed. Thirteen Palestinians have been killed since June 12.
Israeli Ynet News has reported that Netanyahu made his remarks just before a Security Cabinet meeting that was held to discuss Israel’s “retaliatory” measures against the Palestinian people, “in response to the abduction and the killing of the three Israelis”.

Netanyahu said Israel would not stop searching, and will arrest every person deemed “responsible” or connected to the abduction of the Israelis, adding the issue is now Israel’s “first priority”. Two Palestinians have already been placed in Israeli detention and are under interrogation, after having been named as the suspects in the crime. Israeli troops then destroyed the family homes of the two men.

Netanyahu accused Hamas of being responsible for the latest escalation, and said the army needed to strike Hamas first in the occupied West Bank, and then in Gaza.

On Monday at night and on Tuesday at dawn, the Israeli army carried out more than 34 air strikes against different areas in the Gaza Strip.

The army has kidnapped more than 600 Palestinians, including women and children since the settlers went missing on June 12.
Israel alleges it kidnapped 419 Palestinians, including what it described as 279 Hamas members.

Meanwhile, the Ahrar Center for Detainees Studies and Human Rights has reported that the number of Palestinians, kidnapped by the army in the same period is 765, including 12 legislators, 2 former government ministers, 58 former detainees, 4 women, and 93 children. Nine Palestinians, including three fishermen have been kidnapped in the Gaza Strip.

As for Palestinians killed by Israeli army fire and shells, since June 12, thirteen Palestinians, including a child have been killed by Israeli army fire and shelling, most of them in the occupied West Bank. In addition, an elderly Palestinian man and an elderly women, died in separate incidents of heart attacks when the army stormed and ransacked their homes. In the same time period, hundreds of Palestinians were injured.

List of Palestinians killed since June 12th:

July 1 – Palestinian Killed By Undercover Israeli Forces In Jenin

June 30 – Palestinian Killed, Two Injured, By Army Missile In Southern Gaza

June 28 – Two Palestinians Killed, Three Injured, As Army Bombards Gaza

June 26 – Elderly Woman Dies After Army Invades Her Home In Hebron

June 25 – Palestinian Dies of Wounds Suffered Last Friday – June 20

June 22 – Palestinian Killed By Army Fire In Nablus

June 22 – PCHR: “Mentally Challenged Man Killed”

June 22 – Palestinian Killed By Army Fire In Ramallah

June 21 – Teen Killed By Israeli Landmine In Jordan Valley

June 20 – Elderly Man Dies In Salfit After Soldiers Invaded His Home

June 20 – Child Killed By Israeli Army Fire Near Hebron

June 16 – Palestinian Killed By Army Fire Near Ramallah

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