The Raya News Agency has reported that Israeli soldiers invaded Barta’a village, southwest of Jenin, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, fired gas bombs and concussion grenades, and deliberately caused fire to fifteen cars. Injuries were also reported in the nearby Zabbouba village.Tawfiq Qabaha, member of the Barta’a Village council, said dozens of soldiers invaded the village, and rolled burning tires into a parking structure belonging to Ahmad Tawfiq Aziz Qabaha, causing five to fifteen cars.

Firefighters managed to contain the fire, while medical sources said dozens of residents received treatment for the effects of tear gas inhalation.

In Zabbouba village, near Jenin, dozens suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation after dozens of soldiers invaded the village and clashed with local youth who threw stones and empty bottles at them, late on Saturday, at night.

Jenin Governor, Ibrahim Ramadan, denounced the ongoing aggression by Israeli occupation soldiers, and fanatic settlers, in different parts of occupied Palestine.

“The aggression aims first and foremost at creating further violence and chaos”, Ramadan stated, “The international community needs to act fast and stop the Israeli aggression and escalation.”