The Israeli police kidnapped 32 Palestinians during mass protests in different parts of the country, following the abduction and murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir, in Jerusalem.The Arabs48 News Website has reported that that 13 children are among the kidnapped, adding that ten Palestinians were taken prisoner in Nazareth, 10 in the Southern Triangle area, with the rest of the kidnapped coming from Wadi ‘Ara and other Arab villages in the northern part of the country.

The police said all kidnapped Palestinians will be sent to court, and that it intends to conduct further arrests.

Arabs48 said stated that eleven Palestinians were kidnapped, on Sunday at dawn, in Nazareth, Um al-Fahem, Ein Mahel area, near Nazareth, and Baqa al-Gharbeyya.

Two were taken prisoner in Nazareth and four in Ein Mahel, allegedly for throwing stones at the police during ensuing clashes.

Three were taken prisoner in Um al-Fahem, and two near Baqa al-Gharbiyya Junction.

Um al-Fahem clashes lasted until late night hours, Saturday, and the police fired dozens of concussion grenades, gas bombs, and used water cannons against the protesters.

Clashes also took place in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, as around 200 Palestinians protested the murder of Abu Khdeir, and ongoing violations, while police officers and soldiers fired dozens of gas bombs and concussion grenades.

In related news, a number of Israeli extremists invaded Beit Safafa town, south of occupied Jerusalem, and threw stones at local residents, leading to clashes.

Meanwhile, the District Court in Haifa decided to keep eight Palestinians under interrogation “for protesting in Wadi ‘Ara”, in the Haifa District.

Aharon Eksel, Israeli Police District Commander in Tel Aviv, said around 10.000 Israeli police officers have been deployed in various Arab cities and towns, in historic Palestine, “to counter the ongoing protests”.

He told the Israeli Radio that the police “is trying to prevent further clashes” through various channels including “holding talks with influential Arab leaders”.

A team of volunteer lawyers is representing the detained Palestinians, who are facing charges that include “participating in illegal protests”, “disrupting the peace” and a few are accused of attacking police officers.

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