Egyptian authorities at Rafah border crossing, on Saturday, refused entry into Gaza to a European medical team. The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights has affirmed that Israeli attacks across the Gaza Strip are escalating, with an aerial strike occurring every three minutes.Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency has reported that Abedeen Fayez, coordinator of the Palestinian doctors’ committee in Europe, said that the team included specialists in anesthesiology, surgery and disaster medicines.

He accused the authorities of deliberately tightening the siege on the Gaza Strip and called on them to facilitate entry for the team, pointing out that many medical teams and activists were waiting to provide support to the Palestinian people.

Egypt opened the crossing for a day, recently, that those with Egyptian nationality might leave Gaza. A few others who were injured during the ongoing Israeli offensive were also allowed to leave.

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Al Ray further reports that the Geneva-based Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights has affirmed, via a statement published on Friday, that Israeli attacks across the Gaza Strip are escalating, with an aerial strike occurring every three minutes.

Euro-Mid confirmed, additionally, that the Israeli forces have increased bombing on civilian facilities and stepped up the targeting of civilians, women and children in particular. The bombing of houses continues exponentially.

On Friday July 11, 2014, at dawn, the home of an entire family was bombed without prrior warning.

Five members of the Ghannam family in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, were killed in the attack, including a 7 year-old-child. Charred bodies and body parts arrived at the hospital, to include 15 injured family members and neighbors. Some, including 3 children, were reported to be in critical condition.

Palestinian rescue teams have searched for hours to find survivors or casualties under the rubble of the house, Al Ray further reports.

The statement added: ‘Euro-Mid noted a significant increase in the targeting of civilian institutions by the Israeli army on the fourth day of the attack. The Israeli forces have targeted the Salah school in Deir al-Balah, a water pipeline that supplies more than 20,000 Gazans in the Zaytoun area and a wastewater treatment plant. Furthermore the Israeli forces targeted a car belonging to the municipality of Bureij refugee camp, killing two and wounding several. Israeli has also targeted power lines in Gaza city, Rafah and northern Gaza, leading to a power loss of 45 MW.’

See Al Ray’s report for Euro-Mid statistics.

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