Palestinian medical sources have reported, Friday, that a young Palestinian man was killed after the Israeli army bombarded homes in Juhr ed-Deek area, southeast of Gaza City, while several Palestinians have been injured.The sources said Husam Musallam Abu Issa, 26, was killed under the rubble of his home, and died of his injuries almost instantly.

Medics and rescue teams rushed to the scene, removed the rubble, and located the body of the slain Palestinian.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said its medics and ambulances are facing numerous obstacles, and have been repeatedly targeted by the invading Israeli soldiers, and by air.

It added that a woman and a child from the al-Khadry family, have been injured after the army fired a shell at their home in Gaza City, and were moved to the Shifa Medical Center.

Five Palestinians, including two children, have also been injured in an earlier strike, and were moved to the Gaza-European Hospital.

On Friday morning, the army bombarded two homes in northern Gaza, causing several injuries.

Many homes have also been targeted, and destroyed, in different parts of the Gaza Strip, including Beit Hanoun, Gaza City, Jabalia, and Rafah.

Earlier Friday, soldiers fired several artillery shells into Khan Younis, killing more than ten Palestinians and wounding dozens.

24 Have been killed since Israel initiated its ground offensive against the Gaza Strip, Thursday.

Many residential towers have also been bombarded, in addition to various facilities in the coastal region.

Local sources said several military vehicles advanced approximately 1 kilometer into Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza, and used loud speakers ordering the residents to leave their homes, and the entire area, and to head to southern Gaza.

Undercover forces of the Israeli military also occupied several high buildings, including residential towers, and used their rooftops as firing posts.

Eighteen killed Friday before dawn in Israeli ground invasion of Gaza

261 Palestinians, including entire families, have been killed and more than 2000 have been wounded since Israel launched its offensive on Gaza on July 8.