Turkish EU Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has publicly denounced Western nations and those of the Muslim world for their silence over Israel’s ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip which has, so far, claimed at least 319 lives, as of the time of this report.’We curse Israel’s atrocity,’ Mr. Cavusoglu said, speaking on behalf of Turkey. ‘We are tired of your double standards, and hypocrisy,’ he said, referring to EU countries which he asserts are pretending to stand for democracy.

According to a recent report by Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, the minister addressed the EU with regard to its ignorance over the unacceptable number of civilian deaths inflicted on Gaza by the Israeli army, let alone the basic human rights of Palestinian people.

He additionally slammed the Muslim world for remaining silent on the Israeli onslaught, saying: ‘Where are the Muslim countries, what do they fear and why are they remaining silent?’

Hundreds of Turkish protesters pelted a top Israeli diplomat’s residence with stones, in Ankara, this past Thursday night, according to Haaretz. Istanbul police dispersed protesters trying to enter the Israeli Consulate grounds.

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