As Israeli bombardament continued against different parts of the besieged coastal enclave, hitting more homes, structures and facilities, Palestinian medical sources have reported that ten more Palestinians have been killed, Saturday.The Ministry of Health in Gaza said that resident Mohammad Ahmad Abu Za’nouna, 37, was killed, and five Palestinians, including a child, were wounded, just before noon, when Israeli Navy boats fired missiles at a residential tower, northwest of Gaza City.

The cousin of Za’nouna stated that a shell directly struck the apartment, throwing him from the eight floor all the way down onto the street. His wife and his two children were moderately injured. They were moved to the Shifa Medical Center, west of Gaza City.

In addition, resident Mohammad Jihad al-Qarra, 29, died of wounds suffered Friday when the army bombarded an area in Khan Younis.

Medical sources in Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, said two Palestinians, including a child, were killed, and at least 15 Palestinians, including children, have been injured when the army bombarded a number of neighborhoods in the city. Two of the wounded Palestinians suffered serious injuries.

The two slain Palestinians have been identified as Mohammad Rafiq ar-Rohhal, 22, and Mohammad Ziad ar-Rohhal, 6, Beit Lahia.

Medics and rescue teams also located the body of resident Bilal Ismail Abu Doqqa’, 33, under the rubble of a Palestinian home, east of Khan Younis.

In addition, medical sources at the Nasser Medical center in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, stated that resident Rushdi Khaled Nassr, 24, from Khan Younis, died of a serious injury, suffered after the army shelled homes in the center of the city, on Saturday at dawn.

Nine Palestinians were instantly killed, and several others were injured.