In Rafah, on Sunday morning, an elderly woman and a toddler were identified after having been killed in the ongoing bombing taking place there, while in Al-Bureij refugee camp, in central Gaza, four members of the same family were killed.The two killed in the Rafah bombing were identified as:

1. Najah Sa’ad al-Deen Daraji, 65, Rafah.
2. Abdullah Yusef Daraji, 3, Rafah.

Also in Rafah on Sunday morning, a teenager was killed and his father critically injured in their home, which was targeted by Israeli soldiers:
3. Mohammed Raja’a Handam 15

Four people in the same family were killed in a bombing at Al-Bureij camp, including a father and his twelve year old son:

4. Yusef Sha’aban Ziada, 44, Al Bureij.
5. Jamil Sha’aban Ziada, 53, Al Bureij.
6. Shoeban Jamil Ziada, 12, Al Bureij (son of Jamil).
7. Mohammad Mahmoud al-Moqaddma, 30, Al Bureij.

Al-Bureij was the site of a 2008 attack which has come to be known, locally, as the ‘Al Bureij massacre’, in which Israeli airstrikes killed ten Palestinians, including three young children and a Reuters cameraman.

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