The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has reported that, as the Israeli army continued to fire missiles and bombard different parts of the West Bank; at least nine more Palestinian have been killed, on Sunday at dawn, while dozens were injured.The Israeli army is deliberately targeting Palestinian ambulances and medics, preventing them from entering bombarded areas to evacuate the wounded, and retrieve the bodies of slain Palestinians.

A Palestinian child was killed, and several Palestinians were injured in an Israeli bombardment, east of Gaza city. She has been identified as:

1. Hiba Hamed Sheikh Khalil, 14, Gaza City.

The Ministry said a young Palestinian man was killed, and several others were wounded, when the army fired missiles into homes in the Central District. The Palestinian has been identified as:

2. Fahmi Abdul-Aziz Abu Sa’id, 29, Central District.
Another Palestinian was killed east of Gaza City as the army continued heavy bombardment and shelling of the area. He has been identified as:

3. Tawfiq Marshoud, 52, Gaza City.

In addition, three Palestinians ~ son of a senior political leader of the Hamas movement, Khalil al-Hayya, his daughter-in-law, and their son were killed in Gaza, while several children were injured. The slain Palestinians have been identified as

4. Osama Khalil Osama al-Hayya.
5. Halla Saqer Abu Hayyen (Osama’s wife)
6. Khalil Osama al-Hayya. (Their Child)

Three more Palestinians were killed by Israeli missiles in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and were moved to the Abu Yousef Najjar Hospital in the city.

7. Suheib Ali Jom’a Abu Qoura, 21, Rafah.
8. Ahmad Tawfiq Mohammad Zannoun, 26, Rafah.
9. Hamid Soboh Mohammad Fojo, 22, Rafah.

Eight Palestinians have also been wounded by Israeli artillery shells hitting homes in Juhr ed-Deek area, and al-Boreij refugee camp, south of Gaza City.

The Civil Defense services in Gaza stated that it was officially informed by the Red Cross that Israel will not allow ambulances and firefighters to enter areas, close to the border, without a permit.

In a statement, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said that as Israel escalates its aggression against the civilians in their communities, in different parts of the Gaza Strip, yet, it seems Saturday at night and Sunday at dawn were the most violent.

“Since midnight, the Palestinians have been calling for help in every part of the coastal region, while the Red Cross contacted the Israeli side to allow ambulances into targeted areas to rescue the wounded, and collect the dead,” it said. “But Israel met the requests with rejection, an issue that forced our medics and doctors to risk their lives and enter those areas, the shelling ongoing.”

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