Israel has now destroyed or seriously damaged more than 50 mosques since its assault on Gaza began, according to undersecretary of the Ministry of Endowments in Gaza, Hassan al-Saifi.Al-Saifi told Ma’an that Israel does not distinguish between targeting fighters, civilians, hospitals, mosques or cemeteries, and adds that he is afraid schools may be targeted in coming days.

Tens of thousands of people have now been forced to flee the Gaza Strip, seeking refuge at a small number of UNRWA schools which are located in the region. UNRWA schools have been attacked by Israel during past offensives, with both experimental and chemical weapons, including white phosphorus, which leaves its victims horribly burned and scarred, should they survive at all. The chemical fire is nearly impossible to extinguish.

However, international human rights and laws remain unenforced by world powers when Israeli actions are held in question, and the suffering of the already long-besieged coastal region continues, now, into the second week of Israel’s current assault.

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‘People are buried in mass graves or in used family graves,’ al-Saifi continued, adding that hospital morgues can no longer accommodate the growing number of casualties.

Cemeteries are nearly impossible to reach, due to the constant Israeli shelling.