The “International Campaign for the Inclusion of Israeli Settler Groups in List of Terrorist Organizations” campaign was launched in London, on Sunday, as the West Bank continues to be consumed by antiwar demonstrations and ensuing confrontations. Israel resumed its assault on the Gaza Strip, Sunday, following a temporary ceasefire over the weekend, during which the Israeli army killed at least 10 Palestinians.According to WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency, campaign spokesperson Fadi Abu Siso said the group is preparing for a special meeting with lawmakers and policymakers from the British House of Commons, in order to discuss ways of incorporating the campaign into the policies of British political parties.

In addition to submitting a draft law in this regard, the campaign will continue to attract public support in helping to achieve its goals.

Over 500,000 Israelis currently live in settlements deemed illegal by the United Nations and the Fourth Geneva Convention, as they are constructed on illegally-seized Palestinian land in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, WAFA correspondence continues to report confrontations between Israeli forces and West Bank Palestinian protesters engaged in demonstrations over Israel’s ongoing assaults on the already besieged Gaza Strip.

Confrontations have broken out across the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron, in which Israeli soldiers fired live and rubber-coated bullets, stun grenades and poison gas towards local residents, shooting and injuring at least one man who was transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

All received medical treatment at the scene, including those suffering from teargas inhalation, and excepting two who were also taken to the hospital after being shot with rubber-coated bullets.

Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers stormed the nearby refugee camp known as ‘Al-Arroub’, to the north of Hebron, where they also fired rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades and tear gas canisters towards local residents and homes.

At least one Palestinian was injured by live fire and taken to a hospital for medical treatment. Thirteen others were also reported injured with rubber-coated bullets, while dozens of others suffocated after inhaling poison gas, which is internationally prohibited, according to WAFA.

Also on Sunday, 18 Palestinians were kidnapped by Israeli forces across the West Bank, in addition to five from the Jerusalem area, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC).

The PPC said that 11 Palestinians were taken from Hebron City, five from nearby Beit Awwa, one from the Faraa refugee camp, near Tubas, and another from the the city of Al-Bireh.

Earlier that evening, 5 Palestinians were taken by Israeli police in Jerusalem, reported the PPC.

Much earlier, during pre-dawn raids, five Palestinians were abducted from the same region — three from the town of Bani Naim, one from Hebron City and another from Beit Ummar village — where soldiers stormed their homes and wrecked their furniture.

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