Power outages have been reported at a number of Gaza hospitals, which is severely impacting care for the hundreds of wounded Palestinians who are currently being treated for their injuries. In addition, the casualties continue to pour in, with Israeli airstrikes ongoing Thursday evening through the midnight hours.update 11:38 pm Thursday July 31st:
Additional casualties have been reported from the airstrikes in Khan Younis, identified as:
Samih Kamal Abu al-Kheir, 63, Khan Younis.
Othman Fawzi ‘Abdeen, 17.
Siham al-Ham.

Six people were killed, and at least ten injured, in an airstrike on a family home in Nusseirat, in central Gaza. Medical crews are still working to recover their remains from under the rubble of the house.

They were identified as:
Mohammad Adel Ashour
Renad Ashraf Ashour
Abeer Nahed al-‘Ata
Naima Darwish Abu Shouq
Zaher Tawfiq Abu Maktoum
Ama’ Rafat al-‘Asa
Hasan Nassr Zaqqout

In addition, a Palestinian woman died of earlier wounds:
Labeeba Abu Shouqa, 32, Nusseirat.

The Ministry of Health reports a total of 79 Palestinians killed on Thursday alone, and over 350 wounded, bringing the total for Israel’s 3-week long offensive in Gaza to
1444 Palestinians killed, more than 8350 Injured, number of slain Palestinians likely to increase as there are dozens of wounded Palestinians who suffered very serious injuries.

The Ministry of Health said many Palestinians are still buried under rubble of bombarded homes and buildings.

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On Thursday afternoon, in Khan Younis, residents reported at least 3 major airstrikes, in which a number of people were injured, and at least three were killed, including a 58-year old civilian:
1. Mahdiyya Suleiman Omar Abu Louly, 58.
2. Tha’er Naji al-Amour, 22.
3. Mohammed Yousef Al-Abadla, 21.

Also in Khan Younis, 4 people died of injuries sustained in previous airstrikes;
4. Abdullah abu Shabab 20 yrs
5. Alaa’ ‘Alweh 22 yrs
6. Ahmed Salim Abdin
7. Mohamed Ahmed Hamad

Doctors are reporting difficulty in keeping alive the patients who are critically injured, because of the cuts to power following the Israeli bombardment of Gaza’s main power plant on Monday.

In Rafah, an elderly man was killed in an Israeli airstrike:
8. Atiyyeh Salameh al-Hashash, 68.

An airstrike targeting a car in eastern Gaza killed two brothers:
9. Hamza Fa’ek Ahmad al-Haddad, 20 yrs
10. Ibrahim Asa’ad Ahmad al-Haddad, 21

Also in Gaza City, a ten-year old boy was killed, and his body brought to the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Hospital. He was identified as:
11. Mohammad Ammar Sharaf

In Gaza’s Old City, known as al-Saha area, two brothers were killed in an airstrike and their bodies arrived at the hospital completely burned. They were identified as:
12. Mohammed Ra’fat Na’eem
13. Husam Ra’fat Na’eem

20 people were wounded in that airstrike, some of them severely.

The Ministry of Health also reports the deaths of 4 people killed in an additional airstrike in central Gaza, but they have not yet been identified.

6 people were killed and several others injured in a bombing in the Barakah area in Deir al-Bala, in central Gaza, south of Gaza City. Four of the six were members of one family, the al-Louh family.
They were identified as:
14. Kamal Abdul-karim al-Louh, 32.
15. Ibrahim Abdul-karim al-Louh, 29
16. Khaled Nasr al-Louh, 46.
17. Amaal Abdul-karim al-Masri, 48
18. Ilham Yahya al-Louh, 27
The sixth body has not yet been identified.

The airstrikes are continuing on Thursday evening, according to local sources on the ground in different parts of Gaza. However, communication has become more and more difficult, as most Palestinians remain without power for the third straight day after the bombing of the power plant.