As global attention focused today on the Gaza ceasefire that was not to be, two Palestinians were killed and over 120 wounded in mass Gaza solidarity protests throughout the West Bank.

01 August 2014 | Alternative Information Center | Ahmad Jaradat

Tamer Sammour, 22, was shot in the chest with live ammunition during a protest at the checkpoint near the city of Tulkarem. Sammour was declared dead already in the field. An additional 14 Palestinians were injured by live and rubber-coated steel bullets shot by the Israeli army, which acted to suppress the protest. Over 3,000 Palestinians were taking part in the demonstration, called for by the Palestinian national and Islamic parties, to support Gaza and protest the Israeli massacres.

Odai Nafez Jaber, 19, was wounded by three live bullets during protests near his Ramallah-area town of Saffa. Jaber died in the hospital this evening.

Four Palestinians were wounded by live ammunition in the Koror Gaddom village north of Qalqilya, during clashes that broke out between local youth and Israeli soldiers following the Friday prayers.

Six Palestinians were wounded by live ammunition in the Nablus-area town of Huwwar during clashes that broke out between local residents and Israeli soldiers.

Hundreds of youth clashed with Israeli soldiers near the northern entrance to the town of Bethlehem. Three Palestinians were injured from live ammunition, with one described as being in critical condition. He was initially taken to the hospital in the nearby town of Beit Jalla before being transferred to the Hebron’s Al Ahali hospital. Several dozen protesters were wounded by rubber-coated steel bullets and overcome by the massive amounts of tear gas shot by the soldiers in an effort to disperse the protest.

Over 30,000 people in the southern West Bank town of Hebron participated in a mass Gaza solidarity protest. Upon reaching the area of Bab al Zaweya, located between the city’s H1 and H2 sections, demonstrators were fired upon by Israeli soldiers. 90 Palestinians were wounded, 72 from live ammunition and the remainder from rubber-coated steel bullets. All 90 were taken to Hebron hospitals, where many remain for treatment. Hospital sources report that five of the wounded are defined as being in serious condition.

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