The Palestinian Ministry of Health reports numerous air strikes targeting different parts of the Gaza Strip, with an ongoing Israeli military ground presence in Rafah, all day Sunday. Eighteen people were killed in airstrikes, including two whole families whose homes were hit by Israeli missiles.The ongoing assault on Rafah follows airstrikes throughout the night, which 30 people were killed, an attack on a UN school that killed 10 and wounded 30, mainly children, and an attack on a crowded market this past Friday which shattered a short-lived ceasefire and resulted in the deaths of at least 30 civilians.

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An Israeli airstrike on a family home has resulted in 7 killed and more than 15 injured from the Njem family in northern Gaza. Medical sources had difficulty identifying the victims, whose bodies were torn apart by the Israeli missile that hit their home. Six of the seven have been identified as:
Abdel-Karim Nejm
Bakil Abdel-Karim Nejm (son of Abdel-Karim)
Ahmad Abdel-Karim Nejm (son of Abdel-Karim)
Raghed Nejm
Soha Nejm
Shema’ Wael Qassim
An additional person killed in that attack has yet to be identified.

In the village of Beir an-Najah, in northern Gaza, the Majdalawi family was targeted by a bomb that hit their home, killing five. Those killed in the attack were identified as:
Rowan Ahmed Majdalawi, 7 years old
Mohammad Ahmad Majdalawi, 6 years old
Ras Hadi Majdalawi
Mahmoud Abdel-Hadi Majdalawi
Abdullah Majdalawi

In western Rafah, two Palestinians were killed in the ongoing Israeli ground and air assault on the city which began Friday and has been ongoing since then.
They were identified as:
Khalil Mohammad Ramadan Abu Daba’a, 42
Munir Abu Daba’a, Rafah.

Two Palestinians were killed in an airstrike in northern Gaza, and their bodies brought to a local hospital. They were identified as:
Qassim Mahmoud Qassim, 40.
Mohammad Sa’ady Ahmad, 37.

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Nusseirat, in central Gaza were identified as:
Basil Walid at-Tala’a, 23.
Abdullah Saheel Abu Shawish, 24.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reports that In the 24 hours after the collapse of the cease-fire, 123 civilians were killed in Rafah, including 30 children and 14 women. IMEMC confirmed the names of 30 killed in Rafah on Friday, 33 on Saturday and at least 45 on Sunday. Many of those killed are still awaiting identification, as hospitals have been overwhelmed by casualties.

The Israeli paper Ha’aretz reported, “A few thousand people living in neighborhoods on the edge of Rafah fled to the Shabura refugee camp, considered ‘protected’ from ground invasion. But at 3 A.M. Saturday a bomb dropped by an Israeli fighter jet on a number of asbestos dwellings in the camp killed eight people from three families, including three girls and three boys, a woman and a man of about 50. Fighter jets and gun boats also bombarded civilian neighborhoods in the west of the city, killing at least 20 civilians, most of them mainly children.

“Between 10 A.M. Friday and 10 A.M. Saturday about 100 air strikes and a few hundred artillery strikes were counted…A single Israeli bombardment on Friday of the house of Rafat Za’arub, in the Saudi neighborhood in western Rafah, killed 13 inhabitants, including seven children and three women. A direct hit on the home of Fathi Abu Sleiman in the western Rafah neighborhood of Tel al-Sultan killed seven people: the mother of the family, five of her children and another woman.”