On Monday afternoon, Israeli attacks in different parts of Gaza continued – despite a unilateral declaration by Israel that they would pause their attacks for 7 hours on Monday. At least 30 people were killed by Israeli forces on Monday, with attacks taking place in all parts of the Gaza Strip.update:
An additional three Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces Monday evening. They were identified as:

Fayez Ismail Abu Hamad, 34, Khan Younis.
Ahmad Ismail Abu Hamad, 32, Khan Younis.
Saleh Ahmad al-Ghouti, 22, Rafah.

In Rafah, an Israeli airstrike took the lives of two siblings, who were identified as:
Mohammad Amjad Uweida’, age 12, and
Amal Amjad Uweida’, age 5.

Another shelling in Rafah killed one person and wounded 11. The person killed was identified as:
Karam Mahrous Dahir, 24.

In Gaza City, two people who were killed by Israeli airstrikes were brought to Shifa Hospital, identified as:
Ibrahim al-Masharawi, 30 years
Ebtisam al-Bakri, 38 years

Another member of the al-Bakri family, an 8-year old child, was killed earlier on Monday after an Israeli airstrike on the family home. Ebtisam was critically wounded in the same attack and died of her injuries several hours later.

Medical sources at Nassar Hospital, in Khan Younis, report the arrival of the corpses of two people killed by Israeli attacks in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. They were identified as:
Mahmoud Zaki al-Laham, 25
Ahmad Abdel-Hakim Mohammad al-Astal, 26.

In addition, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reports the recovery of 32 bodies from different parts of Gaza who were buried under the rubble from Israeli bombings over the past several days.

This takes the death toll of Palestinians killed since the Israeli invasion began on July 8th to 1865 killed, with 9470 wounded, an estimated 30% of whom will be crippled for life or face debilitating disabilities due to their injuries, according to the Ministry of Health.