Israel has once again resumed its attacks on the Gaza Strip, following a failed attempt by Cairo negotiators at extending the 72-hour ceasefire beyond the 8am deadline, Friday.
According to the Palestinian News Network, Israeli forces have launched airstrikes on Rafah and Jabalia, to the west of Gaza City. Two Palestinians were reported injured in the strikes.

Israeli military sources say that they resumed airstrikes after rockets were fired from Gaza towards Israel. PM Netanyahu instructed the Israeli army to respond ‘with the utmost severity, in the event of a resumption of rocket attacks on Israel’, the PNN stated.

Israeli warships have also opened fire on the northern Gaza coastline.

Around 20 rockets have been fired so far, this morning, from Gaza towards southern Israel. Various armed groups, including Al-Quds Brigades, Al-Asifah Al-Nassar Salah, and al-Din Brigades have claimed responsibility for some of the attacks.

Hamas officials have stated that they are ready to reattempt negotiations in Cairo, even if the conflict in Gaza continues.

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