Palestinian medical sources reported, Sunday, that two more Palestinians were killed and many injured, some seriously, in the Israeli bombardment of different parts of the Gaza Strip. Temporary 72-hours ceasefire started at midnight Sunday.The sources said that a Palestinian was killed in northern Gaza, and many were injured, after the army fired missiles into the area. The slain man has been identified as Saqer Abdullah Reehan, 25.

In addition, one Palestinian was killed, and many injured, including two Palestinians who suffered very serious injuries, when the army fired a missile targeting a motorcycle rider in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said Ehsan Hussein Kaware’, 24, was killed, while Ehsan Mahrous al-Aagha, 23, and Omar Mahmoud Jarboa’, 27, suffered serious injuries.

The Israeli army fired dozens of missiles into Gaza City, Beit Lahia in northern Gaza, and Khan Younis, targeting homes, workshops, cars and motorcycle riders, causing many injuries.

Medical sources in Gaza said the remains of several Palestinians, killed in earlier bombardments of the Gaza Strip, have been located, and moved to local medical centers for identification.

The Ministry of Health has reported that by the end of the 35th day of Israel’s war on Gaza, the number of slain Palestinians arrived to 1939, including hundreds of infants, children, women and elderly, while more around 9886 have been injured, dozens seriously.

Just before the 72-hour ceasefire started at midnight Sunday, the army fired missiles into a number of homes in different parts of the Gaza Strip, causing dozens of casualties. Resistance fighters in Gaza also fired shells into Israeli cities.

According to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, the distribution of casualties, since July 8, in the Gaza Strip is as follows:

Northern Gaza: 327 killed, 3029 injured
Gaza City: 436 killed, 3693 injured.
Central District: 242 killed, 1623 injured.
Khan Younis (Southern Gaza Strip): 543 killed, 1613 injured.
Rafah (Southern Gaza Strip): 387 killed, 928 injured.

Killed Sunday, August 10

Ahmad Mohammad Atiyya al-Masri, 17, Deir al-Balah
Amani Abed al-Bakara, 35, Khan Younis.
Ahmad Mohammad Atiyya al-Masri, 14, Deir al-Balah.
Anwar Mustafa Za’anin, 17, Gaza.
Saqer Abdullah Reehan, 25, Northern Gaza.
Ehsan Hussein Kaware’, 24, Khan Younis.

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