The Israeli delegation returned to Cairo, this morning, in resumption of indirect negotiations with Palestinian officials, at the onset of a 72-hour ceasefire agreed to by both sides. The talks are to continue for the duration, in an attempt to reach a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.While the fire may have been halted, the Palestinian News Network reports that Hamas has already warned: ‘if we don’t reach an agreement within 72 hours, it is likely we will quit the negotiations and there won’t be another ceasefire.’

According to Israeli media, officials oppose a seaport or an airport in Gaza, but do support the opening of Rafah border crossing, an issue Palestine would be left to negotiate with Egypt.

Israel would also agree to expand Gaza’s fishing area, according the PNN.

Al-Hayat newspaper reported, Monday, a breakthrough in Cairo negotiations was achieved over Sunday night, possibly increasing the chances of reaching a long-term ceasefire agreement.

However, as PNN points out, Egypt has been able to reach an agreement on many issues with the Palestinian delegation, but many other pressing issues are as yet unresolved.

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