Israeli forces abducted at least 16 Palestinian citizens, on Thursday, during dawn raids in different parts of the occupied West Bank, according to local and media sources.Israeli TV Channel 7 said that that Israeli military arrested a citizen in Nablus, in addition to two in Qalqilia and three in Ramallah, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency.

Forces also claimed to have arrested 2 Hamas activists, from two villages to the north and to the west of Hebron.

A young man in Bethlehem was also reportedly abducted by Israeli forces, Thursday. In Taqou, to the east of the city, forces served two Palestinians, a father and his son, ages 17 and 41, with notices to appear before Israeli intelligence, for interrogation, WAFA reported.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Israeli troops reportedly broke into a house in Um Ash-Sharayet, Ramallah, where they kidnapped a Palestinian who was imprisoned by Israel for 11 years before being released in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange, in 2011.

According to reports by local sources, the army also kidnapped two young brothers in Hebron city, taking them to an unknown destination.

Al Ray further reports that a crew manning 12 Israeli military vehicles raided a number of neighborhoods and houses in Hebron.

To the west and to the north Hebron, forces raided some houses and taking a child and a young man.

In Beit Ummar, to the north of Hebron, spokesperson of the Popular Committee Against Apartheid Wall and Settlement, Mohammed Awad, stated that Israeli forces raided many homes and arrested and strip-searched citizens there. Three Palestinians, aged 16, 51 and 25 years, were taken, while one was served with a notice to appear before Israeli interrogation.

Clashes reportedly ensued between Israeli forces and Palestinian youth, there, while a number of citizens suffered tear gas suffocation after soldiers fired canisters. No other injuries were reported.

Soldiers additionally raided several homes in Beit Awwa, southwest of Hebron.