Schools opened, on Sunday morning, for some 700,000 Palestinian students in the West Bank, while the education of Gaza students has been suspended, due to the ongoing Israeli offensive on the region.Minister of Education and Higher Education, Khawla Shakhshir, said that 500,000 students in the Gaza Strip are not able to start their school year, according to Al Ray. Both UNRWA and the Ministry have stated that the Gaza school year will be resumed two weeks after the Israeli military offensive ends.

Al Ray reports that at least 2,105 Palestinians have been killed and more than 10,000 others injured, in over than a month of devastating attacks on the region, by Israel, since early July. The Gaza Strip – home to roughly 1.8 million Palestinians – has already been under a crippling economic blockade since 2007.

The first lesson in West Bank schools entailed the ongoing Israeli aggression, followed by solidarity marches beginning at 11am.

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