More than 22 thousand, including individuals and organizations from different parts of the world, have signed an online petition against the nomination of Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, for the Nobel Peace Prize.The petition — launched by Edward Tanas, a GIS Specialist from Calgary, Canada, demanding the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Norway to “Deny Nomination of PM Harper for Nobel Peace Prize” — was initiated after B’nai Brith Canada announced that it would nominate Harper for the prestigious prize, according to his ‘outstanding moral leadership’.

The goal of the petition to get 25 thousand signatures and, as of the time of this report, the number stands at 22,190 signatures.

The petition reads, “We the undersigned feel that the Norwegian Nobel Committee accepting the nomination from B’nai Brith Canada of PM Stephen Harper would be a disgrace and insult to your prestigious award…

We solemnly request that you deny the nomination from this or any other group or organization.”

Such initiatives seem to be more successful than ever, especially after the Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip.

In one of his tweets about the petition, Tanas wrote: “Harper getting Nobel Peace Prize is like giving a culinary award to Hannibal Lecter.”