US permanent representative to the United Nations, Samantha Power, has implied that Washington will block any resolution in the Security Council to pass Palestinian initiatives which aims to end the Israeli occupation in the West Bank within three years.The US ambassador stated, according to Al Ray: “We believe that negotiations are the way in which a two-state solution can be achieved, must be achieved. We don’t think there are shortcuts or unilateral measures that can be taken at the United Nations or anyplace else that will bring about the outcome that the Palestinian people most seek.”

“Israel has to be a part of that negotiation, just as a practical matter. So to think that you can come to New York and secure what needs to be worked out on the ground is not realistic,” Power added, notting “we are open to the possibility that a resolution can be added and then can help build on what has been achieved in the Cairo context.”

See: 9/4/14 ‘Negotiators Meet With Kerry’ for background info.