Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that the “security threats” surrounding Israel will require authorities to raise the military’s budget by billions of New Israeli Shekels, while pressing the necessity of avoiding a financial deficit in the public budget.The Palestinian News Network (PNN) reports that, during a speech for the Conference of Cyberspace, at Tel Aviv University, Netanyahu alleged that one of the major challenges that Israel is facing is Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons, aas well as threats of taking away Israel’s legitimacy.

Minister of Finance Ya’ir Lapid, on the other hand, has said that the army budget should be raised in a way that does not affect the budget of education and entertainment. He also referred to the possibility of diminishing tunnels, but under different conditions of the army’s budget and following a thorough review.

The PNN further reports that, despite discrepancies with Netanyahu on the issue of budget, Mr. Lapid stated that there is no need to dissolve the government coalition or to move ahead election dates.

However, he pointed out that his own party (‘There’s a Future’) has limits regarding his coalition membership.

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