An Israeli court finally made a decision in an eight-year-old case involving the fatal shooting of a Palestinian taxi driver who was waiting for Palestinian passengers heading to the northern West Bank city of Nablus.The driver, Zakariyya Daraghma, parked his car near a sand-hill, installed by the army to block a main road, and was shot dead by Israeli soldiers stationed nearby.

Ibrahim Daraghma, head of the Palestinian General Trade Federation of Trade Unions, said the court will be holding another session on September 19, to determine the amount of compensation to the family.

Daraghma was shot dead on April 5, 2006 when an Israeli soldier opened fire at him as he parked near a sand hill blocking the al-Bathan road, linking between the districts of Nablus and Tubas.

The slain Palestinian left behind a wife and five children; the oldest of them is 12.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers had no reason to open fire, and that the army left the man bleeding to death. He was just waiting for passengers.

Following the killing, the Union said that this is a cold-blooded crime, and called on human rights and legal groups to investigate the murder.