Scores of Palestinian journalists staged a stand-in on Thursday morning, in Gaza, to mark an International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian journalists.According to Al Ray, the event was organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Information, and took place outside of the United Nation’s office in Gaza.

Dozens of Palestinian journalists and family members of 16 of the journalists who lost their lives in the recent Israeli offensive participated in the event.

Head of Public Relations in the Ministry, Senan Felfel, pointed out that the Israeli occupation is still detaining Palestinian journalists inside of its jails as a planned measure to blur the truth and silence the voice of freedom:

“We stand here today before the United Nations Office to greet the journalists who participate in unveiling Israel’s war crimes and expose its aggressive policies. Such efforts done by those heroes made them legitimate targets for killing and detaining by the Israeli occupation,” Felfel said in a speech at the event.

The Ministry expressed appreciation for distinguished efforts made by Palestinian journalists during the recent Israeli assault.

The journalists called on the United Nations to intervene, in order to stop the Israeli violations against them and demanded the expulsion of Israel from all international organizations and journalistic bodies.

The International Day for Solidarity with the Palestinian journalist is an annual observance in September.

Photos at Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency