The rival Palestinian political factions of Hamas and Fateh reached a ‘comprehensive’ agreement, on Thursday, to implement the return of their unity government in Gaza, after just two days of talks in Cairo, according to negotiators from both sides.Egyptian sources told Ma’an News Agency that the two movements were able to reach an agreement on a number of major points of discrepancy, including the Palestinian Authority’s take over of Rafah crossing, as well as the adjacent Philadelphia corridor along the border.

Additionally, an agreement has reportedly been reached on the issues of activating the PA’s rule and authority in Gaza, the payment of former Hamas employees’ salaries, and making decisions related to war and peace.

See: 09/08/14 PA Deputy: Authority Will Not Pay Hamas Wages for background info.

Furthermore, the Egyptian side has informed all parties that ongoing Palestinian disputes will ‘carry away the fate of the indirect talks with Israel’ and that quick solutions must be reached to unite Palestinians.

Sources added that the agreement will be officially announced in a press conference, later on Thursday, and will conclude all terms agreed upon.