Palestinians in Gaza who were displaced by Israel’s recent military offensive on the region are still waiting for solutions, as winter now approaches.The assault left over 110,000 Palestinians homeless, and the displaced are going from one place to another to find refuge, Ma’an News Agency reports.

Muin Bahar, who lives in the rubble of his destroyed home, told Ma’an that it is difficult to find anywhere to live, eat or drink.

‘All we are able to eat is canned food and I do not have a job or money for us and for the kids in schools,’ he said.

He urged Palestinian authorities to start the rebuilding process before winter arrives.

‘Soon, we could be sleeping under the rain.’

With indirect talks with Israel suspended until late October, life for Gazans is becoming more difficult by the day, Ma’an further reports, as the necessary materials needed for reconstruction are not allowed entry into the enclave.

‘The (ceasefire) agreement imposes strict security on the materials allowed into the Gaza Strip and is monitored by Israel,’ says economist Maher al-Tabba.

Reconstruction also requires obtaining licenses from Ramallah, indicating that Israel does not recognize the unity government.

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‘This way the process will not be serious or quick because the private sector needs licenses from the government in Ramallah for projects and Gaza does not only need rebuilding but many development projects that were prevented by eight years of the siege,’ al-Tabba further stated.

According to Anadolu Agency, the Popular Committee for Breaking the Gaza Siege warned, Thursday, that residents of the Strip would face ‘catastrophe’ if winter came before they had found shelter, urging the international community to find a swift solution for thousands of Gazans rendered homeless by the 51-day onslaught.

The cost for full reconstruction of homes and infrastructure destroyed during the war is reportedly estimated at $7.8 billion by the Ramallah-based Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction.

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Fadl al-Helw, a 40-year-old unemployed worker, says that he lost most of his modest home to the Israeli assault.

‘I can’t buy a new house,’ al-Helw told Anadalou. ‘That’s why I have to stay here along with my family.’

He said that he was bracing for a cold winter season, which is expected to show signs of arriving in the Gaza Strip as soon as this weekend.