A large number of Israeli settlers of the Bruchin illegal settlement outpost built on Palestinian lands east of Broqeen town, west of the central West Bank city of Salfit, started bulldozing lands in an attempt to expand their illegitimate settlement.The Palestine News Network (PNN) said the settlers brought bulldozers and started leveling the lands, and digging, while several Israeli soldiers were deployed in the area preventing the Palestinians from reaching it.

Palestinian Researcher Khaled Ma’ali said the Israeli government lately announcement its intention to expand Brochin settlement by constructing new units, part of the recently declared 550 new units to be built on agricultural lands belonging to residents of Broqeen, and Sarta village.

Bruchin settlement was built in 1999; it started just as a small illegitimate outpost, and kept expanding since then.

The expansion comes following a decision by the head of the Central Command of the Israeli military of the West Bank, Nitzan Alon, to upgrade the outpost into a settlement under the umbrella of the “Regional Council of Settlements.”