Israeli soldiers invaded various villages and neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem, and the Abu Dis nearby town, broke into and ransacked dozens of homes, and kidnapped at least 17 Palestinians.Local sources said the police and the army surrounded entire neighborhoods in occupied Jerusalem, before invading them and breaking into homes, and ransacking them.

The Ad-Dameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association said the soldiers kidnapped 13 young Palestinian men in occupied East Jerusalem.

It said the kidnapped have been identified as Fadi Abu Sbeih, Suleiman Sayyad, Yousef Dari, Ayoub Abu al-Hawa, Mahmoud Shweiki, Badea’ Gheith, Mohammad Joulani, Yousef Eskafi, Mahmoud ‘Obeid, Mahmoud Jayyar, Kathem Anous (child), Moath ar-Razem and Ala’ Ar-Razem.

Several Israeli military vehicles also surrounded Abu Dis town, before invading it and conducting searches of homes and cars, and kidnapping four Palestinians identified as Mohammad Daoud Halabiyya, Mohammad Nabil Bader, Raed Ahmad Rabea’ and Mohammad Saleh Khanafsa.

The army recently kidnapped dozens of Palestinians, including several children in numerous invasions in Abu Dis, southeast of Jerusalem.

Lawyer Bassam Bahar, head of the Abu Dis Lands Defense Committee, stated that dozens of youths have been kidnapped, and many injured, in Abu Dis, especially during the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza.

He added that among the wounded are Adam Hisham Erekat, who suffered a serious head injury, Hamza Hisham Erekat, who was shot in the leg, and Khaled Jamal Bader, who suffered a serious gunshot injury to the neck.

Many of the kidnapped Palestinians are still held by Israel, including two teenagers identified as Yacoub Jamal Bader, 17, ‘Odai Yousef Bader, 19, and a child identified as Baker Dandees.

Bahar said all of the kidnapped Palestinians are below the age of 20, and that the soldiers held, last week, both the father and brother of Yacoub to pressure him into handing himself in to the army.