The controversial ‘Jewish State’ legislation, which would define Israel as a national home of the Jewish people, is up for discussion by an Israeli ministerial committee, on Sunday.According to the bill, the only language recognized in the pre-1948 occupied Palestinian lands will be Hebrew, with the Arabic language (considered an official language in Israel) will be given ‘special status’, according to Al Ray.

It also reportedly provides that Jews can exercise their desire for self-determination in accordance with their claimed historical legacy. This right to exercise ‘national self-determination’ will be provided to Jewish people only.

Israeli politicians noted that the characteristic of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people has never been enshrined in the Basic Laws of Israel.

The law supports the settlement expansion process and does not state any commitment for the construction works of Palestinians, who are rarely, if ever, given permits to build.

Israeli Justice minister Tzipi Livni asserted opposition to the law, saying that she will not, under any circumstance, allow anyone to compromise democratic values and subordinate them to exclusively Jewish ones.

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