Israeli forces raided several areas in the occupied West Bank, on Monday, abducting four Palestinians from Ramallah, Jenin and Qabatiya, according to reports by security and local sources.Israeli guards of the illegal “Ofra” settlement, built on the land of Silwad and Ein Yabroud in the Ramallah district, detained a 27-year-old Palestinian after brutally assaulting him, WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency reports.

Witnesses said that Israeli guards stopped Yassir Abu Zeina, who was driving a truck with his friends, and beat him.

Friends who were present, during the attack, said that Israeli guards also inspected their identity cards and photocopied each before returning them.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces took 22-year-old Ahmad and 23-year-old Saleh Abu al-Rub, following a raid on their homes. Soldiers also invaded several Jenin neighborhoods, abducting 20-year-old Khalid al-Adas.

According to B’Tselem, Israel “has retained the military legal system in the West Bank, trying thousands of Palestinians – including residents of Areas A and B – in military courts each year.”

Despite Palestinians’ supposed status as being subject to the Palestinian Authority in area A and B, Israel exercises individual control over all the residents of the West Bank, including incursions and raids of its towns and villages.

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In Hebron, Israeli soldiers also raided a number of towns and neighborhoods, inspecting the homes of several Palestinians.

According to security sources, soldiers invaded neighborhoods in Idhna, Dora and Yatta, setting up checkpoints at the entrances of Sa’ir and Halhoul, and blocking passage there.

Checkpoints serve no security purpose and are part of Israel’s separation policy in Hebron, WAFA further reports. Legal bodies describe the use of random checkpoints in areas such as Hebron as a form of “collective punishment”.

Meanwhile, in Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers raided the home of Abed al-Kareem Ayyad, in the Dheisheh Refugee Camp, south Bethlehem, in search of a laptop belonging to his son, Mahmoud, who is currently being held within the Israeli prison system.

Israeli soldiers conduct these raids in the early hours of the morning or the very late hours of the night, causing fear and panic among residents.

Additional checkpoints were set up at the entrances of towns such as Taku, al-Khader, Za’tara and Aush Gh’urab, in Beit Sahour.

In Silwad, near Ramallah, Israeli forces raided the home of 22-year-old Mohammad Saleh and served him with an order to report to Israeli intelligence. Forces also attacked Saleh and beat him with the butts of their rifles.