The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies has reported that the Israeli army has kidnapped and detained 7110 Palestinians in 2014, adding that, by the end of the year 2014, the total number of detainees arrived to 6800.The Center said 2014 witnessed a significant increase in the number of arrests carried out by the army, as the soldiers kidnapped 7110 Palestinians, compared to 4250 in 2013.

Riyadh al-Ashqar, spokesperson of the Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies, said the kidnappings carried out by the Israeli military in 2014 witnessed an 80% increase comparing to 2013.

“The soldiers kidnapped 7710 Palestinians in 2014 and 4250 in 2013,” al-Ashqar stated, “The total number of Palestinians, currently imprisoned by Israel, increased from 5000 in 2013, to 6800 by the end of 2014.”

The official also stated that the soldiers have kidnapped 1200 Palestinian children in 2014, an issue that shows a 57% increase comparing to 2013, when the soldiers kidnapped 750 children. 700 of the kidnapped children are from occupied Jerusalem.

The army kidnapped 126 women in 2014 compared to 83 in 2013, and also kidnapped 28 legislators in 2014 compared to eight in the previous year.

In addition, soldiers kidnapped 76 former political prisoners, who were previously released under the Shalit Prisoner Swap Deal, compared to eight kidnapped in 2013. The kidnapped Palestinians are from the West Bank and Jerusalem.

The Center further reported that the army carried out 295 attacks against the political prisoners in 2014, an issue that represents an 80% increase to attacks and violations carried out in 2013, when the army attacked the detainees around 170 times.

As for Palestinians held by Israel under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial, the number arrived to 560 detainees, which resembles a 250% increase comparing to 2013.

The Center also said the Israeli Authorities issued 1046 Administrative Detention orders in 2014 alone.

Furthermore, the center said the Israeli Navy kidnapped 61 fishers in 2014, after surrounding their boats and opening fire at them, while in Palestinian territorial waters.

Al-Ashqar said the soldiers try to blackmail the fishers in an attempt to force their collaboration, especially while under interrogation and torture.

“The soldiers surround the fishing boats after firing at them, then order the fishers to undress and swim towards the navy vessels,” the official said, “They are later cuffed, blindfolded and kidnapped, before they are taken to interrogation centers.”