Israeli forces launched multiple raids across occupied East Jerusalem and Hebron, Wednesday at dawn, abducting 32 young Palestinian men, including minors.East Jerusalem detention raids were reported in Sur Bahir, al-Isawiya, al-Tur, Ras al-Amoud and the Old City. Lawyer of the human rights group Addameer Muhammad Mahmoud said that most of the detainees in East Jerusalem were minors, according to Ma’an News Agency.

He identified them as Qusay Daana, Ahmad Abu al-Hummus, Muhammad Jumaa, Ibrahim Dandis, Ibrahim Shamasnah, Muhsin Attun, Muhammad Bkeirat and Hamza Milhis.

Amjad Abu Asab, who chairs an East Jerusalem committee representing families of prisoners, also confirmed the detentions. He said that Israeli forces apprehended Mahmoud Awsha Muna, Murad Bkeirat, Rami Bkeirat and Wahid al-Bakri from Sur Bahir village. He added that Israeli troops served a summons to Muhammad Awshaa Muna, demanding that he appear at an Israeli interrogation center for questioning.

Also on Wednesday, Israeli news sites quoted Israeli police as saying that a young Palestinian man was detained in the al-Sawahira al-Sharqiyya neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Two firearms were allegedly found in his house, as well as ammunition. Another young Palestinian man was detained in El-Izariya, and weapons were allegedly found in his house as well, according to Israeli police.

Walla reported that police officers from the Maale Addumim settlement stormed al-Sawahira al-Sharqiyya and arrested a Palestinian man after inspecting his house and finding weapons. The same report added that Israeli troops raided the home of a young Palestinian man in al-Izariyya and that he assaulted the soldiers before they inspected the house and found weapons. He was taken into custody for questioning.

Furthermore, Israeli troops raided the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, where they kidnapped 18 young men after several predawn raids across the town.

Muhammad Ayyad Awad, of the local committee against Israeli settlements and the separation wall, named the detainees as Mahmoud Yousif Nasri Alqam, 17, Imad Ahmad Abu Hashim, 24, Omar Ahmad Ayyad Awad, 28, Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Mariyya, 19, Ayish Abd al-Nasser Ikhlayyil, 19, his brother Muhammad, 18, Hamza Muhammad Ikhlayyil, 18, Amir Muhammad Abd al-Jawwad Ikhlayyil, 16, Salah Salih al-Allami, 25, Muayyad Walid Tumar, 22, Yahya Adam Ikhlayyil, 25, his brother Muhammad, 22, Yousif Mahmoud Abu Mariyya, 38, Jihad Raed Muqbil, 18, Shadi Ibrahim Bahar, 24, Mahmoud Imad Ikhlayyil, 21, Malik Bassam al-Teet, 16 and Mahmoud Badir Ikhlayyil, 28.

Awad added that Israeli troops broke into dozens of homes and vandalized them before the detentions. He added that soldiers smashed windshields of several cars parked outside.

Ma’an further reports that clashes broke out between local youth and Israeli troops in several neighborhoods. Awad said young men pelted the soldiers with stones, and that the soldiers responded by firing rubber-coated bullets and tear-gas canisters, as well as stun grenades. Five Palestinians including a young girl were injured by rubber-coated bullets and suffered the effects of tear-gas inhalation.

The invading Israeli soldiers also reportedly distributed a statement warning the residents of Beit Ummar of the consequences of hurling stones at Israeli vehicles which travel on the bypass road near the town.

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