Israel is exploiting its upcoming elections in order to Judaise Jerusalem’s al Aqsa mosque, said the Islamic-Christian Commission in Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Sites.Dr. Hanna Issa, secretary-general of the Commission, issued a statement noting that all Israeli Zionist parties, even those of the so-called left, support attacks against al Aqsa mosque and a change of the status quo. The Jewish Home party has declared the “Temple Mount” as the most sacred site for Jews throughout the world, while the newly formed Kulanu leader, Moshe Kahlon, has stated that “Our party supports the absolute unity of Jerusalem in any future political framework agreement. The Old City in Jerusalem will be under Israeli sovereignty. The “leftist” Zionist party Meretz has also come out in support of the right of Jews to pray in the Temple Mount.

The Commission urged the international community, and in particular the Arab states, to act in order to halt Israel’s gross violations of Palestinian rights, adding that the failure to take action serves to perpetuate the Israeli authorities’ violation of the sanctity of al Aqsa.

See: 01/06/15 Al Aqsa Raids Continue, Settler Suspected of Killing 16 Sheep in Aqraba for background info and further links.

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