Israeli forces opened fire, on Tuesday morning, towards Palestinian shepherds near the cemetery in Jabaliya, in the northern Gaza Strip, while Israeli gunboats targeted fishing boats in Khan Younis, last night, in Gaza’s southern region.According to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, security forces reported that a number of soldiers exited military jeeps and shot toward shepherds near the eastern cemetery; no injuries were reported.

Eyewitnesses additionally stated that Israeli naval gunboats fired heavily towards Palestinian fishing boats off Khan Younis shores, Monday night. No casualties were reported.

Israeli forces routinely attack Gaza fishermen and their boats in the context of Israel’s Egyptian-backed siege on the region, which includes restrictions on the fishing zone, depriving members of the community of their right to work, and in addition to putting their lives and well-being at serious risk.

The attacks include violations on citizens’ right to livelihood, harassment and shootings, arbitrary arrests and detention involving abuse, and confiscation of property such as fishing boats and nets.

In 2013, Israeli forces carried out 147 documented attacks against fishermen, according to Al Ray, injuring 10, arresting 22, confiscating 9 boats, and destroying extensive amounts of fishing equipment.

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