Israeli soldiers invaded, Tuesday, the al-‘Ardeesa area in Sa’ir town, northeast of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and demolished an under-construction home. Army installs roadblocks near Hebron, and invades various communities.Eyewitnesses said soldiers, military police officers of the Border Guards units, and employees of the Israeli “Civil Administration Office,’ invaded the area while accompanied by military bulldozers, and demolished a house belonging to resident Nassr Mousa Jaradat.

The destroyed property was approximately 170 square/meters; the army surrounded the area and declared it a closed military one before demolishing the building.

In related news, soldiers invaded Halhoul town, north of Hebron, and violently searched a home belonging to resident ‘Ali Zama’ra, causing property damage.

Soldiers also installed roadblocks on the entrances of Halhoul and Sa’ir town, in addition to the al-Fawwar refugee camp, stopped and searched dozens of cars and questioned several Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards.

On Tuesday at dawn, soldiers invaded Rojeeb village, in the northern West Bank district of Nablus, and kidnapped two brothers indented as Ahmad and Halabi Radi al-Halabi.

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