Israeli occupation forces this morning held a military operative in the areas of Makhoul and Al-Hadidiyya, in the northern valleys, where bulldozers demolished dozens of homes and livestock barns, and confiscated two water tanks in Al-Farisiya, with no previous warning.Israeli forces arrived to Khirbet Makhoul in the early morning, where they demolished homes without any previous warning or official paper work, PNN reports.

Soldiers surrounded the area and formed a security cordon around it, detained a number of citizens who tried to reach their homes, and threatened them with evacuation, despite their having legal property and rent papers.

Deputy Governor, Ahmed As’ad headed to the area by the early hours of today, accompanied by the Valleys file official, Mutaz Bisharat, and director of the civil association Ayman Sawafta.

As’ad denounced the Israeli continuous demolitions, saying that these actions show the hypocrisy of Israeli claims of ‘democracy’, since it comes a day immediately following the elections.

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As’ad added that Israeli authorities were willing to evacuate the valley of Palestinians for settlement expansion and Judaization projects.

In a statement which PNN received, As’ad added that the governor, in cooperation with the local and international associations, are to rebuild what the occupation has demolished. He called on the international community to take immediate action and stop the Israeli crimes, which contradict the Geneva fourth convention calling on security for the people.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces, at 6:00 AM on Wednesday, handed out eviction notices to homes and agricultural lands within an area of approximately 36 acres. The pretext: “It is state land”.

Soldiers delivered up to 18 evacuation notices to the population of the area south of Hebron, in the last month.

A few days earlier, in the same area, Israeli forces supported by Civil Administration powers, uprooted 150 olive trees within about 40 acres from the private land of farmer Adam Ibrahim Nassar.

Grass roots municipality, with the help of a group of NGOs, started to document the various Israeli offenses and attacks. The group calls upon the need of citizens to document such crimes.

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