Israeli settlers, on Saturday, opened pepper spray on 11-year-old Qamar Qafisha, from Hebron, on Shuhada street in the city.PNN reports that settlers from Bet Hadasa and Ramat Yishai settlements, illegally built on Palestinian lands in the Hebron district, opened OC poisonous spray in the girl’s face while she was standing in front of her house in Hebron.

Qamar suffered intense asphyxiation, and was treated on the spot by residents.

Violations on Palestinian children by Israeli settlers are not uncommon in the region, taking place in the form of multiple hit and run attacks with moving vehicles, kidnapping attempts, torture and even burning, as in last summer’s case of 17-year-old Muhammad Abu Khdeir.

During 2014’s Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip, approximately a quarter of the victims were small children.

Israeli forces shot and injured at least 30 children across the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem since the beginning of this year, and nearly Palestinian 100 children are currently being detained in Israeli jails.

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