Israeli forces reportedly injured 22 Palestinians during violent clashes in Sinjel village north of Ramallah, this past Sunday, following the funeral of Muhammad Jasser Karakra, who was shot dead last Wednesday after stabbing two Israeli soldiers.Witnesses reported a large presence of Israeli soldiers at the main entrances to Sinjel village before the funeral procession arrived from Ramallah, saying that soldiers were stationed on higher ground and that many were masked.

Violent clashes later erupted and Israeli soldiers fired rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas canisters on crowds of young men, ambulance staff and journalists, according to Ma’an.

The Palestinian Red Crescent’s center in Sinjel reported 22 injured, suffering rubber-coated bullet injuries and excessive tear gas inhalation. The center said they were being treated on site.

Israeli authorities released Karakra’s body to his family on Sunday, having held it since he was shot dead after stabbing two Israeli soldiers at the Sinjel junction near the Shilo settlement.

One of the Israeli soldiers, 20, was critically injured after being stabbed in the neck. The other received minor injuries and then opened fire at Karakra, 27, who sustained critical injuries before being pronounced dead.

Locals said that Israeli forces afterwards raided several areas surrounding Ramallah including Sinjel, Turmusayya, al-Luban al-Sharqiya, and al-Luban al-Gharbiya.

The attack came less than a week after an Israeli soldier was stabbed near the Oranit checkpoint in southern Qalqiliya, receiving light wounds.

That attack was the first on Israeli military or civilians since early March when a Palestinian man drove his vehicle into a group of border police standing in front of an Israeli border police station between East and West Jerusalem, striking five people.

In the same time period, Israeli forces had shot and killed two Palestinians and injured around 170 Palestinians, the majority during attacks on protests as well as during raids, according to the United Nations