Israeli forces, early Monday, abducted six Palestinians and summoned another from West Bank districts, said security sources.According to WAFA correspondence, Israeli forces raided the Jenin city neighborhoods of Jabal Abu Dhuheir and al-Marah, where they proceeded to break into several homes and interrogate their homeowners.

Two of the homeowners were identified as Muhammad An-Nasra and his son, Hani.

During the pre-dawn raid, forces kidnapped four Palestinians identified as Jehad ‘Arqawi, 26, Ahmad Khalaf, 25, Yahya Najm, 19, and ‘Awad al-Jamal, 24.

Meanwhile, in occupied East Jerusalem, police detained a Palestinian after breaking into and ransacking his house in Beit Hanina town. The detainee was identified as Wisam Kastiro.

In the meantime in Hebron district, forces took another Palestiian into their custody after breaking into and ransacking his house in Bani Na‘im town, to the east of the city. The detainee was identified as Walid Ziadat.

Israeli forces also raided several Hebron neighborhoods and set up roadblocks at the entrances of Sa‘ir and Halhul to the north of the city, where they stopped and examined Palestinian registered vehicles travelling along the way, interrogated passengers and inspected their ID cards.

In the meantime, in the Bethlehem district, forces summoned a Palestinian from Ad-Duheisha refugee camp, south of the city. Karam ‘Abed-Rabbu was served with a notice summoning him to appear before Israeli intelligence in the Gush Etzion interrogation and detention center.

The raid sparked clashes with local Palestinian youth. Armed Israeli settlers fired tear gas canisters and stun grenades at youth armed with stones and empty glass bottles, causing several to suffocate.

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Israeli forces, early Monday, demolished a Palestinian house in Deir Ballut town, to the west of Salfit, as well as two residential structures and a livestock barn in Adh-Dhahiriya town, to the south of Hebron.

Israeli forces, escorting two bulldozers, raided the town, where they demolished a Palestinian house under construction, and belonging to ‘Adnan ‘Abdullah in the Khallet Qasul locality, to the south of Deir Ballut.

This was the second time that ‘Abduallah’s house has been demolished. It was demolished about a year and a half ago in the same spot, in Khallet Qasul, a locality in Area C which contains over 60 Palestinian houses and is considered one of the areas which regularly receives stop-construction and demolition notices.

Local media reported on ‘Abdullah as saying that, although he submitted proper building permits, he was served a notice two months ago to demolish his house, prompting him to leave no stone unturned in order to halt the implementation of this notice, but to no avail.

Furthermore, Israeli forces demolished two residential structures and a livestock barn in Adh-Dhahiriya village of Ar-Rahwa.

Israeli soldiers again escorted a bulldozer, raiding the village, where they proceeded to demolish two residential structures and a livestock barn belonging to Farhan As-Samamra, displacing 24 people.

Meanwhile, forces served demolition notices for several Palestinian houses near al-Hamra permanent military checkpoint, on Road 57, which is controlled by Israeli authorities.

All Palestinians whose houses are located to the north of the checkpoint were handed notices, giving them only 10 days to evict their homes as a prelude to demolition.

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