Israeli naval forces on Monday morning, detained two Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza City, the secretary-general of Gaza’s fishing union said.Amjad al-Shirafi told Ma’an that the fishermen were identified as Muhammad al-Shirafi and Muhammad al-Saedi.

He said that Israeli gunboats approached their fishing boats while they were sailing within the six nautical mile fishing zone.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said she was ‘looking into the incident’.

Palestinian fishermen face daily risks in order to make a living, including routine harassment from Israeli naval forces, confiscation of boats and materials, detention, and potentially death.

At least three Palestinian fishermen have been shot dead by Israeli forces since last September.

Israeli forces often allege that fishermen deviate from the designated fishing zone and pose a security threat.
Israel promised last year to extend the fishing zone to six nautical miles as part of the ceasefire that ended last summer’s devastating Gaza war.

However, the zone’s exact limits remain ambiguous and rights groups say Israeli authorities have not respected the agreement.

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