The largest grocery store chain in Luxembourg, Cactus, announced the suspension of marketing vegetables and fruits exported by Israel, until it is verified that their source is not located in occupied Palestine.According to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, Israeli sources reported that the store chain ‘bows to pro-Palestinian activists’, who have engaged in protests for months, now, to coax the chain to stop marketing Israeli products.

Cactus said that its income of such Israeli products is marginal and for that, it decided to suspend marketing in order to avoid protests in front of its branches.

However, Cactus decided to go on marketing other Israeli products such as SodaStream, which is considered a good source of income. SodaStream is located in the occupied West Bank.

Ynet reported that the Honorary Consul of Israel in Luxembourg, Daniel Schneider, contacted with the company’s management to dissuade it from marketing Israeli vegetables and fruits.

Israeli is worried about increasing the number of companies refusing to market its products. Two months ago, Israel was able to stop a boycott campaign for its products in three stores located in northern Sweden.

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