During renewed clashes on Saturday at dawn, four Palestinian youth were critically injured, one of them kidnapped, by Israeli troops who invaded Shu’fat refugee camp in Jerusalem. Clashes were also reported in other parts of the city at dawn on Saturday.
According to Palestinian sources, Israeli forces invaded Shu’fat refugee camp from different areas and started to shoot live rounds and tear gas at residents’ homes. Local youth tried to stop the invasion and hurled stones at invading troops.

Witnesses said that three youth were injured by live rounds fired by Israeli invading forces and Israeli troops kidnapped one of the youth. As of the time of this report, the army has now allowed local medics to provide him with help.

In the town of Al-‘Isawiyya near Jerusalem, one youth was injured after being hit in the head by live gunfire fired by Israeli soldiers his head during clashes between local youth and invading Israeli soldiers.

Moreover, a local journalist, Khadija Obeed, was kidnapped by Israeli troops as she was going to her home in Al-‘Isawiyya.

More clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli soldiers were also reported in Wadi Al Joz and the nearby old city of Jerusalem.

On Thursday evening a Palestinian youth was killed and at least 35 others injured during clashes in Shu’fat refugee camp in Jerusalem. Wesam Faraj, 20, was shot by an explosive live round fired by Israeli soldiers directly to his heart, Palestinian medical sources reported.

The clashes erupted on Thursday when Israeli forces invaded the camp and tried to raid the family home of Subhi Abu Khalifa, who is accused of alleged stabbing and injured two settlers in Jerusalem earlier on Thursday midday.

The Israeli government recently activated an old law to allow its army to demolish the homes of family members of Palestinians alleged to have attacked Israelis.