Israeli soldiers invaded, late at night Sunday and on Monday at dawn, several Palestinian communities in different parts of the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem, stormed and ransacked dozens of homes and kidnapped thirty Palestinians.The soldiers invaded, at dawn Monday, the town of ‘Atteel, in the northern West Bank district of Tulkarem, broke into and ransacked dozens of homes, and kidnapped thirteen Palestinians.

Eyewitnesses said dozens of military jeeps invaded the town, after surrounding it, and that the soldiers smashed the doors of the invaded homes, before breaking into them.

They added that the kidnapped Palestinians have been identified as Nayef Bassam Abu Thheir, Ahmad Atiyya al-Azzam, Khaled Hussein Abu Khazna, Ahmad Abu Hasna, Laith Mohammad Eqteish, Mahmoud Khairy ‘Atteely, Baha’ Rasem Qaffaf, Ibrahim Jalal Makhoul, Issam Mwaffaq Mhanna, Wisam Morad al-Ghazzawi, Hammad Atteeli, Raed Majed Makhoul, and Thaer Mohammad Samih Eqteish.

The soldiers also invaded many homes in Silwan town, and several neighborhoods in occupied Jerusalem, and kidnapped eleven Palestinians.

The kidnapped have been identified as Aa’ed Khalil al-Abbassi, 26, Naim Ibrahim Hadia, 22, Ahmad Sabri Abu Thiab, 27, Baha’ Ahmad al-Abbassi, 21, Mohammad Ahmad al-Abbassi, 19, Mohammad Abdul-Mo’men al-A’war, 17, and Mohammad Khalil Sarhan.

The soldiers also invaded Jabal al-Mokabber neighborhood, southeast of Jerusalem and kidnapped Ahmad Jaber, 17, while on Sunday at night, they kidnapped Mohammad al-Maghrebi, 14, in Jabal az-Zeitoun, and Bakr ‘Oweis, 17, in Ras al-‘Amoud in Silwan.

In addition, dozens of soldiers invaded the southern West Bank city of Hebron, searched and ransacked homes, and kidnapped four young Palestinians identified as Anas Sami an-Natsha, 18, Shadi Mahmoud Qfeisha, 20, Islam Ghanem, 20, and Kifah Khader Eskafi.

They also invaded the at-Tabaqa village, south of Hebron, and kidnapped Haitham Yousef Abu Atawna, 20 years of age.

In addition, soldiers invaded various neighborhoods in Hebron city, and the towns of Surif, Doura and ath-Thaheriyya, and installed several roadblocks, especially on roads leading to Sa’ir and Halhoul towns, in addition to Hebron’s northern road, before searching dozens of cars and inspecting the ID cards of the passengers.

On Sunday at night, the soldiers invaded Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, and kidnapped a Palestinian identified as Musleh Ali Awad, 33.

In related news, clashes took place on Monday morning near the ‘Atara Israeli military roadblock, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, causing many residents, including schoolchildren, to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Clashes also took place in Birzeit, near Ramallah, after the soldiers assaulted dozens of protesters.