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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, October 15, 2015.

Israeli soldiers attack a Palestinian killing him ,and settlers burn olive trees and attack farmers. These stories, and more, coming up, stay tuned.

A Palestinian man was reported dead on Thursday at dawn after he was beaten up by Israeli soldiers in the village of Al Janiyah near the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Ibraheem Dar-Yousif, 46, was in his olive grove behind the Israeli wall on Wednesday , Israeli settlers attacked the family so they left. At the gate of the wall Israeli soldiers assaulted them and beat up Ibrahim. He suffered a moderate injury and was moved to Palestine Medical Center in Ramallah. Later his injury led to a heart attack that led to his death on Thursday at dawn, doctors reported.

With Ibraheem’s death, the number of Palestinian killed since the start of October reached 34, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported on Thursday.

Elsewhere, Clashes on Wednesday were reported in different parts of the West Bank and Gaza. In the coastal region, three civilians were injured by Israeli troops’ live gunfire as they attacked protesters at border areas near Al Boreij refugee camp central Gaza Strip.

Moreover, nine Palestinians have been injured during ongoing clashes between local youth and invading Israeli soldiers in West Bank communities, Palestinian sources reported. Clashes were reported in the central West Bank city of Ramallah, Nablus and Qalqilia in northern West Bank, and in the southern West Bank cities of Bethlehem and Hebron.

According to the ministry reported, 1300 Palestinians have been injured since October 1st during ongoing clashes in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Around 550 were injured by live gunfire meanwhile 600 others were hit by rubber-coated steel bullets and 137 were injured after being beaten up by Israeli settlers and troops. Moreover, six civilians were injured after being burned by fire caused by settlers.

On Wednesday night and Thursday at dawn, The Israeli military invaded various parts of the West Bank and abducted 26 Palestinians from their homes. Since the beginning of October, more than 650 Palestinians have been abducted and imprisoned, according to prisoner rights groups.

Israeli police report that they have detained over 200 Palestinians since October 1st. But Palestinian groups put the number much higher. Many of those imprisoned have been detained without charges or trial, and have had no opportunity to see a lawyer to represent them.

In related news, Israeli settlers set fire to Palestinian olive trees in Buren village near the northern West Bank city of Nablus and attacked farmers forcing them to stop harvesting their trees.

Moreover another group of armed Israeli settlers destroyed a number of olive trees owned by Palestinian farmers from the village of Al Zawiya near Salfit in central West Bank. Palestinian farmers are reporting an escalation of Israeli settlers attacks targeting them and their olive trees since the start of the harvest season last week.

And that’s all for today from the IMEMC News; this was the Thursday, October 15, 2015 news round-up from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. For more news and updates, please visit our website at Today’s report has been brought to you by George Rishmawi and me Ghassan Bannoura.