The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee has reported, Tuesday, that the number of Palestinians, including children, who have been kidnapped by Israeli soldiers since the beginning of this month has arrived to 1083; 44 of them kidnapped on Tuesday. The Committee said among the 1250 Palestinians kidnapped since the beginning of this month are 643 from occupied Jerusalem.

It added that 55% of the kidnapped Palestinians are children, between the ages of 12 and 17, while approximately 200 of them are from Jerusalem.

Israel also placed 23 detainees from Jerusalem under arbitrary detention orders, holding them captive without charges or trial.

The number of female prisoners held by Israel is 36, including a few who were wounded prior to their arrest, and are now in Israeli hospitals.

The Detainees’ Committee also stated that undercover Israeli soldiers shot and wounded several Palestinians, after arresting them, including Othman Ziyada, Ahmad Hamed and Abdul-Rahman Abu ath-Thahab.

It said that shooting residents after their arrest, and after they have been completely subdued, is a direct violation of all international laws and regulations, including the Rome Rome Statute, and the principles of the International Criminal Court.

In addition, the Committee said that all detained Palestinians have been beaten and assaulted, in addition to being subject to verbal abuse while many were attacked by military dogs that were let loose on them.

Many detainees suffered serious wounded after being beaten with batons, or kicked and punched, while many were left without any medical attention.

Some of the wounded Palestinians died due to the lack of adequate and urgently needed medical attention.

Ten Palestinians are currently receiving treatment in Israeli hospitals; four of them are women identified as Isra’ ‘Aabed, Estabraq Ahmad Nour, 15, Israa Ja’abees and Marah Bakeer.

Several Palestinians have been kidnapped for expressing their opinions on their social network accounts, and are facing what Israel calls “incitement charges,” while many Israelis, including officials, who call for killing Palestinians or describe them as snakes, as well as many other outrageous comments and posts remain at large.

Many Israeli officials, including the “Education Minister,” have even called on the Israelis to carry arms and shoot to kill.

Many Palestinians have been imprisoned under Administrative Detention because of their opinions and posts on social network sites.

Some of the recent decisions by the Israeli government allow imposing prison terms as high as twenty years against Palestinians, including children, believed to be behind attacks against Israelis, including stone throwing and Molotov cocktails.

Israeli also authorized the use of sniper fire against protesters, escalating the demolition of homes, and even denying the transfer of the bodies of slain Palestinians to their families.

The PPS said that, on Monday at night and Tuesday at dawn, Israeli soldiers have kidnapped 44 Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank, including Jerusalem.

It added that twenty of the kidnapped Palestinians were taken prisoner in the southern West Bank district of Hebron.

|>Four Palestinians, Including Two Sisters, Kidnapped In Hebron And Bethlehem|

Some of the kidnapped have been identified as Nabil Hammad Abu Mariya, Mohab Ibrahim Issa Bahar, Mohammad Ayesh Khalil Abu Mariya, Mohannad Ayes Khalil Abu Mariya, Hotheifa Haitham Tarayra, Mohammad Akef Manasra, Mo’tasem Faraj Obeido, Jalal Robin Shweiki, Rani Jihad Rajabi, Naim Abdul-Hafith Rajabi, Monatser Mohammad Rajabi, Mohammad Fakhri Rajabi, Fadi Hazem Rajabi and Majdi Wael al-Ajlouni.

The soldiers also kidnapped eight Palestinians in the Ramallah and al-Biereh District; they have been identified as Ashraf al-Khalili and Mohammad Suheil, from Betunia town, Rafat Tal’at Issa from Kafr Ein, Saddam Abdul-Razeq Tamimi, Yazan Issam Tamimi, Walid Abdul-Hafith Tamimi and Osama Samih Tamimi, from Nabi Saleh, and Soheib Rabea’ from al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiyya.

The Committee also stated that the Israeli soldiers have kidnapped seven Palestinians from Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank.

They have been identified as Ahmad Ezzeddin Amarna, Qais as-Sa’adi, Taher Jaradat, Saif Huwwari, Ahmad Qarariyya, Luay Abbas and Mohammad Qarariyya.

It added that the soldiers have also kidnapped three Palestinians, identified as Amir Mofeed Foqaha, Ibrahim Said, and former political prisoner Hamza Ya’ish, in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Two siblings, identified as former political prisoner Khaled Jihad Odeh and Yousef, have been kidnapped by Israeli soldiers invaded Kafr Thulth, in the northern West Bank district of Qalqilia.

On Monday evening, The soldiers also kidnapped five young men in occupied Jerusalem


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