The Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed that the Tel HaShomer Israeli Hospital sent them a bill, demanding the Palestinians to pay the expenses of the treatment of Ahmad Dawabsha, the only survivor of his family after Israeli terrorists firebombed their home five months ago, killing his mother, father and his 18-month-old brother. The Ministry denied statements by the head of the Israeli “Civil Administration Office” in the occupied West Bank, Yuav Mordechai, who claimed that Israel would be paying all the medical expenses.

On October 25, the Tal HaShomer Hospital Administration demanded the Palestinian Health Ministry pay the expenses, which initially amounted to 259.643 New Israeli Shekels (NIS), in addition to the costs of a special mask for the child; the Palestinian Authority paid for the mask.

On October 6, the hospital demanded a payment of 216.754 NIS, for the treatment costs of the child’s mother, Reham Dawabsha, who died on August 7, due to severe burns covering 90% of her body.

The Health Ministry said that it is ready to provide medical treatment to Ahmad, in the best hospitals in the world, and that it is closely following his treatment, based on direct orders from President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah.

The surviving child has undergone many surgeries, and is still receiving treatment, always accompanied by his grandfather, and is reportedly starting to remember the horrific night, while constantly asking about his mother and father, and “why haven’t they come to see him yet.”

Ahmad still needs extensive treatment and rehabilitation from his burns, and the trauma he suffered as a result of the terrorist attack.

The attack fatally burnt his baby brother, Ali Dawabsha, 18 months of age,, while his father, Sa’ad Dawabsha,, and his mother, Reham Dawabsha,, died of severe burns in Israeli hospitals.

Palestinians have still been waiting for action to be taken against the individuals responsible for the attack. A number of Jewish extremists were detained, but, nearly all of them were later released and none were convicted.

Israeli news site Ynet, on Sunday, reported that Israel had made a breakthrough in ‘one of the most serious acts of Jewish terrorism to take place in recent years,’ but the details remained under gag order and the site could not confirm that it was referring to the Douma attack.

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