Israeli daily Haartez published a report, on Tuesday, which revealed that a number of US charity organizations transferred about billion New Israeli Shekels (NIS) for the promotion of illegal settlements within the last five years.

The number of these organizations are estimated at about 50, Al Ray reports, and their donations are tax-deductable because they are considered to be ‘charitable’ donations. Therefore, they are exempt from paying fees, according to the report.

The newspaper pointed out that this means the United States is indirectly funding the settlement project, which was opposed by every US administration over the past forty-eight years.

This massive US contribution to the development of settlements is reportedly being used to buy buildings in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, and to extend a helping hand to the families of Jews convicted of terrorism.

While settlements are considered illegal under international law, US taxpayers officially contribute over 3 billion dollars a year to the state of Israel. Late former US Congressman Jim Trafficant wasm in fact, quoted to say that “American taxpayers give Israel $15 to $20 billion, not $3 billion…while people in my district are losing their pensions…”

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